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Every wedding is customized, using our network in Norway and Europe

We understand that you want a world class wedding, that is why our service always starts at first contact – we respond quickly to all inquiries. We use the first meeting to get to know you as a couple, your dreams, and thoughts for the wedding. We will also let you get to know us better, our competence and experience.

Your big day is also a big day for us, therefore are we always hands-on from the first meeting until the wedding is done. We keep all the elements that is a part of you wedding weekend and have control over everything from the big bookings down to the smallest detail.

We are quality-oriented and work hard to be able to give you that little extra, what you had not been even able to vision was possible. We are always one step ahead and make sure that your expectations are met, and that the day/weekend goes smoothly.

It’s important for us to know that the wedding we deliver holds a quality we can vouch for. That is why we never compromise with either ourselves or our suppliers. We deliver a total package precisely for this reason.


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