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Whats included in our total package?

During the planning period, we include 3 physical meetings of 2 hours.


We communicate regularly and as needed. We are always available for you and answer e-mails within 2 working days.


We work transparently with you in relation to progress plans and budget throughout the process.


We maintain all communication with suppliers at the destination, and make sure to land the right suppliers according to your wishes and budget.


We work to find the right design and expression for your wedding, so that all the products and suppliers together set the perfect frame to create the atmosphere and ambience you want at your wedding weekend.


We coordinate and make sure that everything flows smooth, from the moment you and your guests leave the plane at the destination, until the wedding weekend is over.


Inspection and suppliers meeting at the destination – approx. 6 months before the wedding. We set aside plenty of time for menu tasting, photos, muah and inspection of the venues etc.


We will welcome you at the airport when you arrive and make sure that you and your guests arrive safely at your destination.


During the wedding weekend we are present during the whole weekend. This is to ensure that things go smoothly, and you don’t have to think about anything else than being guests at your own wedding.


All invoicing goes through us. We collect invoices to make it easier for you.

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