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We are Nina Andersen and José Ramón Casás, and together we are Project Wedding. We are passionate about organizing personal and unforgettable weddings - we believe all weddings should be the party of all time!


Our strength in addition to several years of experience as a wedding planner in Norway (Vakre Bryllup 2012-2018). Is that Project Wedding is one part Norwegian and one part Spanish. We bring culture, language, local knowledge and experience into the wedding planning.


We wind up your ideas and organize them easily to shape your dream wedding. We make the complicated easy for you. We keep track of all forms and plans, contact dealers and help you make the right decisions for your wedding. We make sure to give you full insight into the planning process.


All weddings are cistomized to the bride and groom's wishes and budget. It’s important for us to know that the wedding we deliver holds a quality we can vouch for. That is why we never compromise with either ourselves or our suppliers. We deliver a total package precisely for this reason.


In 2012, I started Vakre Bryllup and got to join the wave of the first wedding planners in Norway. I arranged over 40 weddings in Norway and NYC, in recent years mostly in the high-end segment. What set me apart from other wedding planners at the time was that I kept everything from booking main vendors to having control over the smallest details. I was (and still am) quality-oriented and built up good partners and routines. So good that in 2017 I was mentioned as one of Norway's foremost wedding planners by VG.


I also arranged several wedding fairs in Oslo and Fredrikstad, with the desire to bring a new type of fair to market here in Norway. I got off to a good start with Beautiful Wedding Expo - and look forward to further developing in 2023.


In 2018, life took a new turn, I sold the company and let go of the job I loved. Since the sale I have missed the industry, the customers and the pulse of the job as a wedding planner.


Then the love of my life came into my life, 20 years after we first met. We have lived separate lives 3500km apart, but love has never left for any of us. So when we finally got to start our lives together in 2021, we quickly came up with the idea of ​​joining forces, becoming a unique wedding planner team - and Prosjekt Bryllup (Project Wedding) was born.


josé ramón casás

I was born and raised in Spain. Now I have setteled down in Fredrikstad, 1 hour south of Oslo. My interest in languages ​​has taken me around the world, and I have lived in France, Italy, England and the Antilles during my adult life. Which has led to me today speaking 5, soon 6 languages ​​- soon Norwegian.


With a university degree in tourism and previous job

as a hotel manager in Spain, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I take with me into Prosjekt Bryllup.

 For the last 15 years I have worked with logistics within the shipping business, also here there are many parallels and working methods I see we will benefit from in relation to planning and organizing weddings.

But my biggest strength in Prosjekt Bryllup is probably the fact that I am Spanish, and speak both Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. This means that we gain a deeper trust, and relationship with partners at our destinations. Plus I know the culture and rhythm of these countries well. This, together with Nina's experience as a wedding planner, I think makes us a unique wedding planner team.

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